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The administration of Our Saviour School believes that athletics and activities are an integral part of the total school curriculum and should be well coordinated to enhance our school. Participation should be a part of the total educational experience, contributing to the individual’s health, physical skills, emotional maturity, and moral values. A sound extracurricular program teaches the participants the values of sportsmanship, cooperation, competitiveness, and responsibility. Our Saviour School extracurricular programs encourage maximum participation within the limits of the staffs ability to administer a program of fundamentals and competitiveness.

Participation in Our Saviour School extracurricular programs are voluntary. This privilege, extended to all students, involves certain requirements and responsibilities within the different activities that are available.

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  • Spring Play

  • Music and Ensemble

  • Band

  • Choir

  • Youth Choir

  • Speech

  • Chess

  • Geography Bowl

  • Student Council

  • Scholastic Bowl

  • Cheer



All academic, athletic, and music programs and activities require students to be in good class standing in order to participate. We follow IESA policies for all IESA activities.
A student must be in attendance at school from 10:00 a.m. on, in order to participate in a sport or other academic/school activity that day/evening. Exceptions such as doctor’s appointments, funerals, etc. may be granted by the principal. Documentation for such events may be required. If the student is absent the day following a game or activity, he/she must report to the principal for a decision regarding participation in the next scheduled game or activity.
Cooperative and respectful participation is a requirement for any student participating in any school-sponsored activity or event. Students are expected to comply with the rules and procedures set by the moderator of the activity as well as school policies. Lack of compliance may result in disciplinary measures or dismissal from the activity.
Parents who require interpreters or special needs consideration for school activities, programs, events, etc. need to advise the school office a week ahead of time if they are planning to attend so that proper arrangements can be made.
To the best of our ability (barring unforeseen circumstances, i.e., emergency closing of school, holidays, etc.) eligibility reports will be made on Friday. Notice of eligibility will be given to the athletic director who will forward reports to the respective coaches. Ineligible students will be informed in writing and in person when possible.  Students are responsible for giving ineligibility information to parents/guardians.
Our Saviour School students participating in school-sponsored athletic activities are to abide by the handbook of policies and practices which they will receive prior to participation in the sport’s season. Our Saviour School parents attending school-sponsored athletic events whether on campus or off are expected to display themselves in a Christian demeanor. Those who become disrespectful or abusive, especially toward coaches, referees, players, or other authorized personnel will be subject to repercussions as stated in the Athletic Handbook. * For Athletic activities – see the Athletic Handbook for further requirements.
There will be a fee to participate in a sport, Band, Mixed Choir, and other Extra-curricular activities.

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