Scrip is fundraising program that cost you absolutely nothing and works while you do every day activities The Scrip Program purchases gift cards from national and local busineses for a discount and sell them to you for full face value. That discount is then split 50/50 between Our Saviour School and you, the purchaser, in the form of a tuition discount for either Our Saviour School or Routt. Click here for more information


Box Tops

Box Tops are another program that cost you absolutely nothing. Find Box tops on hundreds of products and then send them into school with your student. Each Box tops are worth 10 cents.



Each year Our Saviour Grade School and Routt High School host the Dreams Drawing. 4,200 tickets are sold and the winners are drawn at the Family Fun Festival help Labor Day weekend. Click here for more information



Snap pictures of your receipts from any store, big or small, to earn Roo Points (cash donations). Whether you’re shopping at a supercenter, dollar store, or local convenience store - it doesn’t matter where you shop or what items you buy - Shoparoo will make a cash donation for every receipt! Click here for more information