Advisory Board

This Board is an advisory body consisting of the following 11 members: the parish pastor, the school principal, (both ex-officio and non-voting) and the 9 others are voting members and members of the parish.

The purpose of the Board is advisory and consultative in nature. The Board is active in the Long Range Planning process.

The Board meetings are on the school calendar. They may also meet at other times as deemed necessary. All meetings of the Board are open to members of the parish and/or parents/guardians of school children. Any concern or suggestions of parishioners are welcome. (See Grievance Procedure) Written requests or issues to be addressed by the Board will be accepted by any board member or the principal. Such a request should be submitted to the Board president 24 hours prior to the School Board meeting.

Minutes of past meetings are available upon request from the Board secretary.

Areas of Board Responsibility

1. Planning (establishing a mission statement and a strategic plan)

2. Policy Formation (gives a general direction for administrative action)

3. Finances (help set tuition, develop annual budget, suggest subsidy)

4. Development (Public Relations, Marketing)

5. Evaluation (of the Board’s work and the principal)

6. Selection of principal

Advisory Board Officers

Ex Officio - Fr. Tom Meyer

Ex Officio - Stevie VanDeVelde

President - Cortney Bonjean

Vice President - Bill Naeve

Secretatry - Kim Anderson

Member - Court Hager

Member - Michael Raye

Member - Pearl Schneider

Member - Amy White

Member - Cathy Tobin

Member - David Turner